The European Network of Buddhist Christian Studies was established 1996 in Hamburg at the Academy of Mission, University of Hamburg. At that time its title was “European Network for Christian Studies of Buddhism”. At the conference of 1997, which was held at the Benedictine Archabbey of St. Ottilien near Munich, the name was changed to the “European Network of Buddhist Christian Studies” so that both Buddhists and Christians could be involved on an equal footing. The administrative home of the Network also changed to the Archabbey of St. Ottilien. The Network is an association of scholars in Europe involved in Buddhist-Christian Studies. Its main activity is to hold a bi-annual international conference on a theme important to Buddhist-Christian studies.


Registration and Programme for St. Ottilien2019 Conference is online  here.

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NEW BOOK: Buddhist Christian Relations in Asia 

Buddhist-Christian relations in the East differ in various respects from those in the West. The present volume offers the first comparative overview of the Buddhist-Christian encounter in six Asian countries. It focusses on the three Theravāda Buddhist countries, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar, and on Japan, Korea and China, where Mahāyāna Buddhism predominates. Outlines of the history of Buddhist-Christian relations in each of these places are complemented by the voices of Christians and Buddhists who actively participate in local dialogue efforts. The contributions to this volume illustrate and highlight specific particularities as well as commonalities regarding the problems and promises of the dialogical encounter in Buddhist Asia. Issues of religious doctrine and belief and the question of how best to relate to one another appear in a new light by being presented in the context of Asia’s historical, social, and political dynamics.

With contributions from Don Baker, Bantoon Boon-Itt, Duleep de Chickera, Kenneth Fleming, Koichiro Fujita, Maria A. De Giorgi, Elizabeth Harris, Jinwol Young Ho Lee, Sung-Hae Kim, Pan-Chiu Lai, Samuel Ngun Ling, John D’Arcy May, Aye Min, U Hla Myint, Yasutomo Nishi, Martin Repp, Perry Schmidt-Leukel, Yuen-tai So, Parichart Suwanbubbha, Asanga Tilakaratne, Xue Yu.

Perry Schmidt-Leukel (ed.),  EOS-Editions, St. Ottilien,  2017, 460p., FORMAT 14,8 x 21 cm, Paperback, ISBN 978-3-8306-7851-9,  29,95 EUR.
Please order directly from EOS Editions: mail@eos-verlag.de

Parichart Suwanbubbha (1958-2016): a pioneer of Buddhist-Christian understanding

E. Harris with P. Suwanbubbha

Photo: E. Harris with P. Suwanbubbha in summer 2015.


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